Nash & Co. Lifestyle Presets for Desktop LR


*By lifestyle, I mean these particular presets will have the most wow on pictures taken inside.


Bright Mila: Get those bright white lifestyle shots! Pay close attention to the 'before' image. If your 'before' image is brighter to begin with, you will have to decrease the brightness once you apply this preset. Other tweaks would be warming up the temperature if it's too cold (blue) for your image. 


BW Ava Ave: Not all black and whites are created equal. Ava Ave is perfect for lifestyle shots, giving them bright whites and buttery matte. Chances are you will have to tweak the brightness on this one, my 'before' image is pretty dark.


Holdie Hawn (Rescue): This is a recovery preset with dramatic changes! When you think all is lost in your dark and orange images, just apply some Holdie and brighten them up while still keeping beautiful clean white balance! Tips: My 'before' image is pretty warm, so Holdie will cool your image down. If your image is dark and cool already, apply Holdie and then just warm up the temperature to your liking.


Other useful info:

All of my 'before' images in this set were shot with a Canon Mark IV.

1/250 sec

ISO 320

35mm @f2.8 

5,350 Kelvin 


Why the name Nash & Co?: This particular set was custom made at the home of an incredibly talented friend named Nashua who own's an amazing business called Nash&Co. Ava, Mila, and little Holden have been my adorable models since they were in the womb. This set is dedicated to them <3


Nash & Co. Lifestyle LR Presets

$125.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price
  • What is included: 3 .lrtemplate files compatible with Lightroom 3-6, CC and Lightroom Classic CC versions. Also included are 3 .jpg images showing the before and after images of the presets.


    Installing the presets:


    The easier way: Download the zip file to your desktop. Unzip the files by right clicking on the folder and selecting 'unzip'. Select the preset .lrtemplate files and literally just drag and drop them over to the LR icon on your desktop. Your presets will show up when you open it! *You may have to restart LR first.


    The easy way: Open your develop module in Lightroom. Next to the 'Presets' drop down menu will be a plus sign (+). Click that and simply select 'Import Presets'. Then find and select the .lrtemplate files you downloaded and unzipped.


    Refunds: Due to the nature of the industry there are no refunds on presets.


    Use: Edit whatever you want with them but don't share or sell them. Or a rumor may be passed around that you hate puppies.


    LR Presets do NOT work in Photoshop.


    Of course, contact me with any q's you have about all of this mumbo jumbo, I am happy to help!